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The number one company that has been offering high quality Toilet Seat Sanitizer, Aloe Vera Gel, Bath Soap, Face Mask, Nawab Attar Roll On, etc.
About Our Company 

Known for creating the best by the assistance of nature, we, Harrods Health Private Limited are acknowledged as a profound manufacturer and exporter. The wide range supplied by our company consists of Gold Renewal Charcoal Face Mask, Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Charcoal Skin Brightening Soap, etc. These products are made from exceptional natural ingredients which make them greatly effective. We have revived the ancient ways of skin care and body care which still are better than artificial options. This is because, products made from herbs and plants do not have side effects. We also make available products such as 74 GSM Disposable PPE Kit, 90 GSM Doctors PPE Kit, Peee Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, etc. 

Our company is ISO, FDA and GMP Certified which is reason of its fame in national and international items. We have always served all our customers with utmost perfection and proved that we are a name to trust. Thus, our company has acquired the top position in this domain. 

Our Exceptional Products and Ingredients We Use 

All our items are made from natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Kesar and Aloe Vera. These rich ingredients are helpful to nourish the skin and make it healthy. Even our offering are very beneficial for skin related problems such as dryness and acne. Ingredients used like Aloe Vera has healing powers that work for sun-burnt skin as well as other issues like dandruff. By making available skin care items made from herbs and natural ingredients, we have been highlighting the Indian tradition practices from Vedic Age. 

Our Aim

  • To offer premium quality items by combining science and nature 
  • To help people find the most suitable solutions for their skin
  • To offer around the clock assistance to our valued customers 
  • To make available the best range of protection items such as 74 GSM Disposable PPE Kit, 90 GSM Doctors PPE Kit, etc.

Bringing Back Treasured Sentiments/Skin Care and Rejuvenation

The work done by Ayurvati and Dhanwantari in the past have made Ancient Indian Practices for skincare alive till now. They were always aware that nature has the greatest strength of rejuvenation. There are many memories that all of us have related to the ancient healing methods that our grandparents used to adopt, such as hair champi, making food from natural ingredients, etc. Our brand works to bring all those sentiments back and offer pleasure in life by bringing forth products that are are made from hand picked herbs and consists of optimum amount of elements such as sugar, salt, tinctures and essential oils. Use of such ingredients in making products nurture skin by providing it necessary nutrients. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that beauty stays for a long time if assisted by natural ingredients. Thus, we use simple and organic ways to create products that provide nourishment to the skin. Clients deserve the best items such as Kesar Aloe Vera Gel, Charcoal Skin Brightening Soap, etc. that do not have any side effects in return of their trust. So, we deliver excellence along with our product range that has goodness of ingredients such as Saffron, Aloe Vera and Tea Plant.  

Nature and Science

Different natural ingredients have different benefits for skin. At our premises, tinctures are prepared from them which are actually concentrated herbal extracts. Herbs are also soaked in a solution to make Tinctures. They are used to create products which are beneficial for skin. This shows our caliber that we with our rich understanding of the science of nature are benefiting people in overcoming several problems. Similarly, essential oils which are made from various plants are very good for skin as well as many other health issues. Rosemary oil help people treat insomnia. Our range of body and bath products consists of high quality essential oils.  

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